“Brides talking to brides”: brides who speak to brides, grooms, about weddings, little secrets and important details.

Who, in fact, better than a bride accompanied by her Wedding Planner can tell a future bride about her experience in organizing her own wedding? Nobody!

For this reason, we have decided to happily accept the invitation and to participate at the event organized by Fiera Bergamo Sposi. To give future married couples a concrete, real image of the study and design of their luxury wedding. Sometimes, in fact, telling the reality of something already happened, experienced, can ignite in the hearts of couples the desire to live an incredible day, to make their wedding an exclusive, wonderful and luxury event.

Furthermore, we took the opportunity to demonstrate how important it is to build a relationship of trust and esteem with your Wedding Planner. This was therefore the theme of the meetings and small interviews planned during the day: six wedding planners accompanied by their brides to talk about the organization of their wedding.

During the day, Silvia Bettini accompanied Maura and Riccardo, through the memories of their wonderful wedding on Lake Maggiore, in the beautiful and imposing Rocca di Angera, in revealing the details of that unforgettable day.

Maura and Riccardo desired an elegant and refined wedding, with a touch of modernity, but at the same time classic. They wanted to look out over the lake and daydream, but they didn’t want any view: they wanted a breathtaking view, they wanted to cut the wedding cake while the night fell on the dark waters and rose in the sky and the candles together with the rose petals lit their eyes in love.

They wanted, for that special day, an exclusive location, unique and full of unexpected corners. So, after not too much, they immediately fell in love with the majestic and imposing Rocca di Angera. Framed by the Lombard Prealps, the Rocca dominates the southern end of Lake Maggiore, giving a surreal panorama, overlooking the lake. Inside the solemn historical rooms, embellished with precious frescoes, ancient canvases and original decorations, offered the perfect setting to organize a perfect, classy and refined reception.

Thus began the numerous inspections, as the location was as beautiful as it was “difficult”. The set-up was difficult, movements and transportation as well, the choice of spaces to use and how to use them were complicated. Anyway, creating a unique and unforgettable event was the goal and, by joining forces and ideas, nothing was impossible.

For this reason, immediately, a relationship of trust, empathy and esteem was born between Silvia and the future spouses. Thanks to the synergy, creativity, ideas and dreams of Maura and Riccardo, Silvia began to design the layout of the dining room, the space for the aperitif and the space for the party. She had clear ideas from the start, she knew the flowers that would be good next to the colors of the Rocca, the fabrics to be used and the details to insert to make everything even more beautiful and exclusive. The whole day, the corners to be exploited because they were wonderful and those to be considered too complicated, was studied in detail, especially from a practical point of view, leaving nothing to chance.

Maura and Riccardo chose the location as wonderful both in the interior and in the external view. The rooms were majestic, but at the same time very charming. Rich in colors, frescoes, different lights.

The setting could only be extremely elegant, rich in gold details, precious and stylish. Soft colors mixed with prestigious finishes and decorative candles. An explosion of light, of small details, but important and refined.

Thanks, therefore, to the professionalism of a great team the day was wonderful. Every single “piece” of the team of professionals who make every moment impeccable has been chosen with criteria. Mistakes in a luxury wedding are not allowed, for this reason Silvia has dedicated, as in any wedding, a lot of time to designing details, to carve out, throughout the day, moments that would have remained etched in the memory of the newlyweds and of their guests.

Maura and Riccardo were radiant, Silvia and her team satisfied and grateful, the guests happy to have lived a unique day. This is the goal of a Wedding Planner, in particular of Silvia: to make everyone live a special moment, create further beauty in the beauty itself and give joy!