One of the key aspects of a wedding is the choice of the bridesmaids and of their dresses, which have to reflect the entire mood of the wedding.

The choice of the dress your bridesmaids are going to wear can be very difficult and deserves the right attention. Your best friends, sisters, cousins who will accompany you during your special day, must be beautiful, elegant and especially FEEL beautiful and comfortable. Their dresses will have to suit perfectly with the style of the location you have chosen, and, at the same time, your girls must feel free to be spontaneous and themselves, without having to worry about uncomfortable clothes all day, ruining in part the happiness of such an important day.

In addition, there must be a perfect harmony among their dress, the moments, the spots of your wedding. For each venue, there is a different style of dressing. The dresses they could wear, if you decide to get marry in a church and party in a castle, are different from what they would wear if you decide to marry in the garden of a beautiful Villa overlooking the lake. Therefore, every wedding has its style and this determines the dress code as well.

Once you have chosen the entire mood of your luxury wedding, the colors, you need to think about a color for your bridesmaids’ dresses. These do not need to be necessary all the same in length and pattern, but rather to valorize the different physicians and different characteristics of each bridesmaid. According to the style and the mood that you have chosen as the leitmotiv of your big day, you will also chose the outfit as well of your best companions!

Short dresses, deep necklines, back and strapless dresses (if you decide to marry in a church) are to avoid. The same for too bright colors, black and obviously white. The guest’s eyes may be all on you; the only one dressed in white!

Elegance and good taste are the key words in the choice of their dresses! It is suggest to choose delicate colors, like pastel ones, soft and light ones. Pale pink, blush, light blue. Refined, soft, chic and elegant colors, which can suit with the flowers decoration, the mood and style of the wedding. The bouquet, similar to the bride’s one – but smaller, should not be missing! The colors of the flowers, also, should match with the dresses’ colors and complete the look with a perfect hairdo!

The secret is always the harmony: create harmony in everything, among the details of the wedding. The bridesmaid’s dresses may be in perfect tune with the bride’s one, the venue, the flowers and the style of the wedding!