Antonio Riva opens its doors to its home, the new production site in Garlate, where technology meets tradition, and talks about his new collection, presents the Made in Italy par excellence. He chooses to do it right there, on Lake Como, where he lived his childhood and where, during the lockdown, he found the right inspiration for his wedding dresses.

A modern collection, precise in detail, which interprets and tells of the female universe through the contrasts of women, who come together in perfect harmony and create harmony.

Étoile 2021, the name of the new collection because it is inspired by classical ballet, by its elegance that shines through in the lightness of the fabrics, in the unstructured workmanship of the mikado, in the wide and sumptuous skirts contrasted with essential bodices. A hymn to the lightness of the female figure.

The female figure becomes light, slender, refined: the dresses are structured in such a way as wide skirts, made voluminous by organza petals or maxi bows, mikado pleats, combined with more minimal and simple bodices, with straight necklines or with straps that seem to follow the movement.

In addition to classic dresses, also suits with jacket fitted at the waist and skirt. Tulle and mikado worked through sartorial lines, almost geometric and extremely sinuous cuts.

And again, light, flowing and romantic lines in tulle, organza and three-dimensional lace, which become sensual in the bustier bodices with visible fences with tulle overbodies, in the detached sleeves from the humeral cut and in the deep necklines that end in long trains that seem to float.