On your wedding day and during the organization of a Luxury Wedding, among the many things you cannot forget, there are flowers. The floral arrangement is an important aspect of the entire event, it is the first thing your guests will see, and it is an entrance door to an unforgettable day. Flowers are design, shapes, colors, sensations and perfumes.

They are the “highlight”, the surprise that the guests do not expect.

Imagine to create a real secret garden, a long imperial table dotted with different types of flowers, of different colors and shapes, but perfectly coordinated and in harmony with the rest. The effect you will create will be unique and the feeling of being in another world will transmit unforgettable emotions to you and your guests as well.

However, it is fundamental to study a project, a floral design, to build something that reflects your personality and your love story: relying on a Wedding Planner and a Flower Designer is the first choice to make. Only their experience and their creativity will help you choose luxury, important, elegant and refined flowers. Above all, they will help you follow the leitmotiv of the entire event; in fact, everything must be perfect, matched and pertinent.

Style, wonder and consistency are the “tracks” to follow.

The floral decorations for your luxury wedding will accompany your most beautiful day and must reflect the style and the atmosphere that you want the event to have.

It must also represent your personality, your taste, your harmony, and your colors.

Flowers, like the whole event, will have to talk about you!

There are, however, some things to think about and some small details not to forget.

It is fundamental to start from the location. After a careful inspection, immediately, together with your Wedding Planner, you will seem to imagine the tables, the flowers and the lights.

Then, it will be clear to you what type of set-up you want, the atmosphere and the colorful design you want to create. You will see it in front of you suddenly and it will be then that you will begin to study a real floral project.

Every venue, every place and every corner wants its flowers. There is a flower for everything, for every moment and for every setting.

Tall, suspended flowers, soft colors, shapes, geometries, perfection, explosion of colors, light, enthusiasm.

Starting from the centerpiece.

Height compositions for impressive, elegant and majestic rooms. Golden touches and precious details.

Vertical compositions, shades of white and light, for imperial tables, outdoors weddings, delicate, with a stunning view on the lake, for example.

Floral constellations dotted with fresh colors, embroidered with candles, for romantic, exclusive and joyful tables.

Bright colors, but not too much, for cheerful, romantic, sumptuous and festive tables.

Tall and wild plants, intertwined branches, green leaves and natural colors to recreate a wood, a forest, a garden just yours.

Each location suggests a different but suitable floral project. The secret is not to detach from that suggestion, from the venue, but always to create a perfect match, a luxury harmony, delicate and unique.

All floral decorations must be in tune with the spaces that will host your Luxury Wedding. The colors surrounding the location, the nature and the internal details.

Among the precautions to follow, when it comes to choosing flowers, there is always the use of seasonal flowers, fresh, perfumed, delicately colored.

Each season, in fact, offers different flowers depending on the climatic conditions and it is good to use these, with style and taste. You will therefore have to start from the style.

What style do you have as a couple? What style will the whole event have? What do you want to tell and create?

Following the leitmotif of your Luxury Wedding is essential to recreate a personalized, but unique atmosphere that tells about you.

Romantic, refined, extremely elegant and sumptuous style, or more chabby chic, more delicate and lighter: there is a design, made of shapes and shades, for every taste and style. For each of you.

Also depending on the type of ceremony, the decoration may vary: there are flowers typical of religious ceremonies, which, however, must also take into account the architectural characteristics of the church. Rounded, sweet and romantic flowers. Or vertical floral arrangements for imposing churches.

Protagonists of the project, then, will be the light, brightness. Lights, transparencies, spotlights, lanterns and candles will not be missing and will define, even more precisely, the atmosphere and the magic setting created.

When it comes to flowers, however, it is good not to forget some details, in fact, floral.

That is, the bouquet, in symbiosis with the place of the ceremony and with the bride’s dress, the buttonhole of the groom, the male witnesses and the fathers of the spouses. Floral accessories for bridesmaids, for the tableau de mariage, flowers to decorate the wedding cake. Floral arrangements for the space dedicated to aperitifs and desserts, generally set up in a different place than that of dinner.

Everything must be in harmony, nothing left to chance!