private-jet-5-675x380 5 Benefits of Renting a Private Jet

We have all dreamed, at least once, of traveling on a luxury private plane, of having all the comforts available, of flying without thoughts. Today we will tell you how to make this dream come true, to make it a reality, for you and your guests.

By renting a luxury private jet it is in fact possible to reach the destination chosen for your wedding in total relaxation, as well as having a unique experience!

private-jet-5-675x380 5 Benefits of Renting a Private Jet

If you want to amaze your guests at your event, this is a special way: to leave them in total relaxation and safety. They will already feel part of something big and unforgettable. In fact, there are many luxury hotels that today offer this successful and quality service. An unforgettable and unparalleled experience, you will feel like you are in a dream, pampered and safe. Arriving at your event by private jet is definitely a luxury to be granted when you decide to organize your wedding far and in an impeccable way, starting right from the trip. This is, in fact, often considered an inevitable boredom, especially for guests “forced” to move with so many difficulties. With this service, however, it becomes a special experience that is part of the luxurious stay that you will decide to make your guests live. It will be a “plus”, an authentic memory, a unique emotion that will be added to all those that will make your wedding a magical day!

Inside The Bombardier Challenger jet 604. The entertainment centre housed in the aft cabinet includes Archos 5 internet media tables, iPod docking station, 2 DVD players and a fax machine/printer. The cabin has one each 18inch and 19inch flat screen monitors and three 5inch plug-in screens. The forward S-shape galley features a microwave, conventional oven and coffee maker (Nespresso). There is a Light Brown carpet throughout with a removable mid cabin curtain divider.

On board the many private jets offered by the most luxurious hotels, you will find high hospitality, a level of comfort that simplifies the journey with a quick check-in, a luxury catering on board with which to start tasting the celebrations and the happiness of the moment of the wedding. Furthermore, at the airport to wait for you and your guests, you can choose to continue moving on board an elegant limousine: a real daydream. During the flight, it will be possible to organize special moments to share with your guests: a kitchen party, an afternoon tea party, a toast in the clouds, all impeccably set up, with flowers and candles to recall the setting that you will have chosen for the goal you are about to reach.

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The advantages of traveling with a private plane are many, starting with the absence of delays and the comfort of the spaces.

On this occasion you will have every kind of comfort and you can ensure your guests a relaxing and exclusive trip.

No queuing at the airport, no difficulty with luggage, no waiting with impatient: for you and your guests, the trip will also be a real holiday, the gateway to a weekend of exclusivity and wonder. The flight staff will know how to fulfill your every request and will never forget the small details that make a flight pleasant and suggestive. Everything will be personalized, starting from the times. In fact, you will choose the departure time together with the company. In this way you will avoid the endless security checks, the last minute runs to the departure gate, the chaos of the crowd, the uncomfortable seats … all this will be only a bad past memory: you will start your event with the peace of mind in the sky !

Whatever your chosen destination for your wedding, private airlines will be ready to fly you there.

The hotels that have promoted this type of service are now many, starting from the Amani, the Rocca Forte Hotel, the historic Badrutt’s Palace hotel, the Four Seasons and many others. They dedicate every type of care to their guests, creating a tailormade service, tailor-made for you, for your needs and desires.

To find out more, you just have to contact us and plan your luxury trip!