Planning an event, a Luxury Wedding, can be difficult and confusing. At some point you may not understand how to start and not know if what you are doing is functional or not.

Now that the Covid emergency has put a strain on the world of Wedding Planning and events, above all, it can be difficult to try to organize an event virtually and alone, to get lost in endless web searches without getting to grips with it and without being able to choose satisfactorily. For these reasons, in this article we thought to give you some ideas and suggestions to be in step with Planning.

The first advice we give you is to rely on an expert Wedding Planner and in the sector for many years; in fact, she will be able to guide you and accompany you on this wonderful and long journey, knowing how to stay close to you even from a distance.

About a year before, once the wedding date has been established, it is necessary to decide the place where the ceremony and reception will take place. The choice of the venue is the first step towards planning the event: from here, in fact, everything will start and therefore it must be a reasoned choice, but at the same time from the heart. You will have to fall in love during the site inspection, which can also take place virtually. Today, in fact, thanks to social media, it is possible to visit a place electronically. The many images, maps and drawings will allow you to view the location and find even the most hidden corners of it. In this way you will seem to already imagine everything: your big day there, in the space created and embellished for you. Secondly, you will then have to choose where to celebrate the ceremony. The Church, in the case of a religious (Catholic) wedding or a place to recreate an exciting scenario for the civil ceremony.

Subsequently, approximately 11 months before, the choice will be made of the Catering to which you will entrust your reception, from the welcome cocktail to the one to celebrate your wedding on the dancefloor.

Again, the choice can take place virtually. On this occasion, in fact, we will select several proposals for you based on your budget, your requests and your gastronomic desires. For us, good food and good wine are fundamental, food that creates pleasure and joy at the tables, which satisfies the palate of all your guests. Explosion of tastes and perfumes. Once you have chosen the team of chefs who will make your wedding an exciting culinary experience, you will choose the menu down to the smallest details starting from the aperitif up to the wedding cake. You will also choose the wines to pair with each dish and how to structure the dessert moment.

For you, we will create maps and graphic drawings to show you the arrangement of the tables for dinner, the area for the aperitif, the magic corner for cutting the cake. We suggest you where to create a space for dancing, for the Lounge bar and for entertainment. Step by step we will show you the details of your big day in order to be aware of everything and to already imagine a small part of what your big event will be. You will never be disappointed!

At this point, the design of the floral arrangements and decorative details begins. A part of the meticulous organization that deserves a lot of attention and above all study. Once we have studied your personal tastes and the style that best suits your love story, what you want to express to your guests, we will create moodboards and graphic sketches for you. Little room for imagination and so much for emotion, to the frenzy of seeing everything done and to be able to live your big day as you have always wanted! Following the color palette you like most, we will advise you on every detail in perfect style. Everything must be in harmony and impeccable. We will think of the colors, the mise en place, the fabrics, the furnishings, the flowers, the centerpieces, the play of light and every detail that embellishes, which makes the atmosphere magical and unique. We will present you with projects designed and tailored for you, sure to fulfill your wishes. With the help of professional Flower Designers, we will create magical and wonderful scenarios that will amaze and enchant you.

Not to be forgotten, in addition to everything related to the clothing and accessories of the groom and the bride and the logistics, is the choice of the photographer and the musical ensemble. Again, we will introduce you to the best photographers and the best DJs and musicians who will accompany you and your guests throughout the day. To excite you and to create unforgettable memories we will help you to plan a special entertainment, in your style and to give an unforgettable evening to your guests. We will select different types of entertainment: music, light games, dancers, small shows and much more and together with you we will choose the most suitable for your evening! Everything will be studied and thought down to the smallest detail and only for you, for your personalities!

The study of a Wedding starts from these projects and from these elements that can never be missing and for which attention and meticulousness in the decision is fundamental. Without a wise guide in the world of weddings it can be difficult and dispersive. This is way, we will accompany you step by step in the realization of your dream and during the wedding day we will be behind the scenes to coordinate and control and of course to rejoice together with you!