mise en place

Scenic mise en place: it is all in the details!

One of the most important aspects of a luxury wedding in Italy is the mise en place: the setting and the decorations of the tables, which must suit perfectly with the location chosen, the style of the entire wedding and with the personalities of the newlyweds. Whether they chose to get marry in an Italian art city, at the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside, the mise en place has to fit with the most fascinating beauties of the Italian venues!

How to create a scenic and wonderful mise en place?

mise en place

Easy… it is all in the details! In fact, every single detail has to be chose carefully, with your wedding planner’s help, in order to welcome your guests in a warm and, at the same time, outstanding atmosphere. Everything must be perfect: romantic, chic, glamour, charming, cozy, magic and unique!

Nothing must be left to chance: tables, chairs, pillows, tablecloths, dishes, glasses, candles and centerpieces…everything has to be in the right place, personalized and original. All the details are going to follow the mood you chose for your Italian luxury wedding in order to create an amazing mise en place.

The table setting has to be special exactly like the day you are going to live.

Luxury table setting, tablecloths and chairs:

The alternatives are many and different, what counts is the mood and atmosphere you want to create and which will impress your guests.

You can pick different shapes of tables in base of the location and the number of your guests: rounds, imperial long tables, or square ones. No matter which you prefer you can choose to embellish them by elegant tablecloths in white elegant linen, embroidered in gold, made of tulle or in simple blush and pastel colors. The choice of the tablecloth can really make the difference!

Moreover, it is suggest adding colorful flowers arrangements, romantic candles and chandeliers, stunning centerpieces, soft lights and other little but fancy details.

The tableware must be elegant and precious, as well. Rich of sophisticated details that will make the difference and your guest enjoy the party even more!

Even the choice of the chairs can be difficult because of the alternatives. It all depends on your personal taste, the style of your luxury wedding and on the particularities of the location.

Elegant and antique chairs, minimal and basic, rustic chairs, modern, romantic, in classical and sophisticated Italian luxury style. To complete the look, you can also add colored pillows or other beautiful furniture in the yard (if the venue allows it), for example, if you chose to have your party outside and under a magic night sky.

What is important is always to follow the leitmotiv of the entire wedding, to create an exclusive luxury table setting where to enjoy the traditional/ gourmet and delicious Italian food, the best wine and your special party as well.

The entire location will be outstanding and beautiful for the occasion. Soft lights will bright up the night, candles will create a soft and romantic atmosphere, the scents and the colors of the flowers will impress amaze your guests and yourselves.

Your luxury mise en place must be unique and scenic. It must, also, emphasis the beauty of the venue you chose rich of typical and authentic characteristics of Italian architecture, art and nature in order to make your special day even more unforgettable!

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