A project made up of suggestions, colors, expectations … the graphic sketch is the image of your day, it is the beginning of your dream.

Like photography, in fact, drawing is magic: it stops for a moment and creates moments. It captures the details and has the power to make you imagine the reality of your wedding, to show you how it will be!

During the organization of the wedding, the graphic design of the event and the design of the settings is essential. It is an additional service that offers couples to better express their ideas, their desires and to see them “almost fulfilled”. Designing something that will happen, in particular designing spaces and settings, will immediately make you get in touch with the magic of your wedding, you will feel like you are living part of those moments and your dream.

In this context, the drawing – or rather, the sketch – that illustrates the wedding scenography, has two capacities: to create, quickly, visually the scenes, moments and details on paper desired by the spouses and to suggest them emotions and feelings that they will be able to experience the wedding day itself.

It must also faithfully represent the idea of ​​a feasible set-up, compatible with the spaces available and with the style chosen by the couple. To do this, it is important to know how to use sketches and colors, but also to seek beauty, to express the style and taste of the couple with colors, shapes and lines.

Drawing is therefore giving “shape” to a dream, a personalized idea, listening to the wishes of the couple and putting them on paper.

Once you have chosen the color palette, the style to follow, the colors of the flowers, the fabrics, the mise en place, your Wedding Designer, who works alongside your trusted Wedding Planner, will show you a project designed and created on fit for you.

It will identify the chosen style and use all the details that identify it, will make the color palette unique and personal by creating a detailed and precise moodboard, will be able to manage space and depth through the creation of settings in harmony with the chosen location. And of course, through colors, lines, sketches and sketches, he will be able to create suggestive and impactful settings! It will show you flowers, candles, lights, decorations that can be present on your wedding day, exactly as you have always dreamed of them!