When a new couple reach out to me and they are from faraway and decide to get marry in Italy, why not organize a weekend full of events and, at the same time, relaxing? Why not making the guest live an unforgettable experience in one of the most fascinating country of the world?

This is what I thought the day I met S and K, a gorgeous international couple. They wanted to get marry in an ancient castle in Italy. I was thinking about planning for them, not only the wedding day, but also two special days in which they could enjoy, together with their guest, a short but amazing holiday. I imagine for their special day a magic place, historical venue and surrounded by the peace of nature. I came up with Tabiano’s Castle, so we went to visit it and for S and K was love at first sight. A perfect location where to plan a luxury wedding and a wonderful weekend.

The guests arrived in the magnificent medieval village of Tabiano on a Friday in June and the same night, S and K, in order to welcome them in a special way after travelling many hours, permitted us to set up in the beautiful terrace of the Village’s Relais an elegant “pizza party”, at sunset.

The Antico Borgo di Tabiano Castello is the perfect place where to organize this type of events. It is a Relais de Charme inside an ancient settlement with a castle nestled among the green hills of the province of Parma.

The Tabiano Castle dates back form the XI century and was built on the ruins of an old Roman settlement.
Inside the relais there’s also a spa and a pool, two restaurants and greenery all around where to enjoy silence and relax.

The Castle, instead, where the dinner took place, is a magical and romantic place full of charm and ideal the wedding of your dreams with its unique panoramic position, frescos, private chapel (and nearby Romanesque church), courtyards, terraces, the gardens and historic dwellings.


Risultati immagini per castello di tabiano

Since the first time I saw the Castle with S and K, I always imagined a luxury wedding, elegant, chic and refined – exactly like the future husband and wife asked me. Getting marry in a castle is pure magic, it means to feel like a princess for a day, it means to go back in old times, it means to live an unforgettable day!

I wanted to take advantage of all the beautiful spots of the castle: the gardens, the inside halls and the terrace outside. I wanted to make all the guests enjoy the magnificence of Tabiano Castle.

The welcoming aperitif, after the ceremony, which took place in the little church beneath the castle, took place in the main courtyard and in the wine cellas. The rustic and elegant style, the rock’s walls, the big wine casks created an unique and chic atmosphere.

Upstairs, inside the three beautiful halls, the dinner took place. In the set-up I searched for the right harmony between the decorations of the tables and the already amazing furniture of the castle, between the wall’s colors, the chandeliers and the flowers, the lights, the candles of the centerpieces. What I love the most is always to find the right balance between the natural beauty of the venues and the beauty of the set-up, of the mise en place and of the flower design.

The three interconnecting rooms of the castle are majestic, elegant, precious, imperial, princely, in which is very easy, during the set-up, to fall in the “too much”. Therefore, I decided to put in each room round tables and in the second hall, the mirror’s hall – the most delicate and refined one, an imperial long table for the newlyweds and their close relatives.

Golden was the main thing, especially because of the luxury location. Beautiful flowers white and green in each table, candles and tall and important golden chandeliers created a romantic, precious and chic atmosphere, perfect for the location. The tableware was gold, as well. Everything was important and noble.

Moreover, a beautiful scenery was disclosed to the guests, when soft pink lights brighten up the rooms – a magic atmosphere surrounded everyone participating at this luxury and regal wedding.

After the dinner, the party went on in the wine cella of the castle. The guests danced the night away, while the darkness was falling on the beautiful hills.

Tabiano castle is the perfect venue for a luxury destination wedding.

The day after the wedding, S and K, as wife and husband, thanked their guest with a barbeque by the pool.

Everyone was enjoying their stay in such a beautiful Italian spot. In addition, everyone was talking about the magic wedding of the night before.

Making my bride and my groom happy is what I love the most of my job.