Partecipazioni classiche con busta leggermente color pastello e inchiostro dello stesso colore?

The wedding invitation is the first step towards your wedding, it is a sort of business card that wants to inform those who will receive it that an important event is about to be celebrated. It is a significant moment for the couple who is preparing their wedding, it is a small anticipation to the guests of what it will be, it is a small window on the event, a glimpse of an unforgettable day for you, future spouses, and for your guests .

The choice of graphics, style and paper is therefore essential because it will have to suggest what the style of the entire wedding will be. It will have to be in harmony with all the details of the day and the choice can often be difficult.

Things not to forget when starting to think about investments:

  1. The style

The aesthetic form of the invitation is the first detail to think about when approaching the world of Wedding Planning. It is in fact important to choose and decide wisely, giving importance to everything related to printed matter. Providing your guests with a classy, ​​elegant and refined participation is the first step to anticipate the wonder of your event. You will therefore have to take care of the colors, the font, the paper or any other support you choose to invite your loved ones and your friends to celebrate your wedding.

Furthermore, style will have to tell a lot about you, your love story and your personalities. Everything will have to talk about you, be personalized and made to measure. Everything must be in harmony with the style you have chosen for the set-ups and decorations of your special day. For example, a participation in sober and pastel colors, written in italics, in letterpress, in an envelope closed by a seal bearing your initials, certainly anticipates a refined, elegant and classy wedding. Small details that should never be forgotten to create an exclusive event right from the start!

  1. How to write a wedding announcement

When the spouses themselves announce their marriage, the names of the spouses are simply written on the participation. On the left that of the Groom, on the right that of the Bride. Followed by formulas announcing the union of the future spouses. At the center of announcement will be the date, time, place followed by the exact address of the Church or Municipality, or the location where the civil ceremony will be celebrated. At the bottom, the addresses of the parents of the spouses will be entered, while the address of the marital home will be entered in the center, if necessary.

Partecipazioni classiche con busta leggermente color pastello e inchiostro dello stesso colore?

  1. The invitation

Participation is an invitation to participate in the ceremony. The invitation to the reception, on the other hand, must be written on a special ticket inserted separately. On the invitation it is usually customary to write where the bride and groom will have the pleasure of receiving friends and relatives, therefore the place of the reception, the exact address and the initials R.S.V.P. (Répondez S’il Vous Plaît).

If you intend to invite all the people who have received participation to the reception, you can opt for a single ticket.

  1. The envelope

Participations and invitations must be delivered approximately 2-3 months before the ceremony.

The address on the envelope must be handwritten, this will give your invitation greater attention to detail and will be elegant and thought out with care. The address is written under the stamp which will be positioned at the top right. A detail that will certainly not go unnoticed will be the seal of the envelope, for example in sealing wax, engraved with your initials. The invitations can be delivered by hand by the spouses themselves or they can be sent by traditional mail.

Vellum and Gold Wax Seals by Paula Lee Calligraphy

  1. Personalization

Invitations are the first step towards your special day, your party, the entrance and for this they must suggest what the wedding style will be through the details, creative elements and unique objects that will make your luxury wedding coherent and beautiful. , able to best tell your style and your story.

In fact, after choosing the theme of your wedding, the style and the fil rouge that will accompany you during all the choices in the organization of the wedding, you will first have to think about the invitations. The colors, the paper, the envelopes, how to seal them, the font … details that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Choose to embellish your invitations carefully, with luxurious details, such as silk ribbons, impeccable handwriting, wax seals, gold details. Customize them, make them unique and unforgettable! They will become a beautiful memory of your day, to always keep in a drawer!