Wedding invitations are the first clue revealed to relatives and friends about what will be the style of your wedding, it is the “business card” of your big day. For this reason they must be chosen carefully and meticulously, paying attention to details, to personalizing them because they will have to reflect your personality and your taste and at the same time they must be as unique as your wedding.

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They are the first step towards your special day, your party, your entrance and they must let your guests understand what will be the style of the wedding through details, creative elements and unique objects that will make your luxury wedding beautiful and exclusive, able to best tell your style and your story.

In fact, after you chose the theme of your wedding, the style and the common thread that will accompany you during all the choices in the organization of the wedding, you will have to think about the invitations.

Colors, paper, envelopes, how to seal them, fonts … details that should not go unnoticed in the organization of a luxury wedding, especially because they will be the first things to amaze your guests, to make your special day exclusive.

All these elements that make up the wedding stationery, must be chosen carefully and must all follow the same mood and express what is the style of your wedding. What first of all has to be chosen is the type of language, the graphics and the color palette, moreover everything must be personalized and made unique.

As for the type of the wedding invitations, there are many possibilities and models available, both for the style and for the material. Beautiful, creative and innovative solutions, depending on how your dream wedding will be.

Let’s look at some of the most elegant, luxurious and valuable details for your wedding invitations.

  1. Cotton paper

The wedding invitations on cotton paper are perfect for any style, from shabby chic to the most elegant wedding: just match the right decorations. For example, choose ivory-colored cotton paper and then decorate it with lace, pieces of jute, dried flowers and raffia. For those looking for something more refined, the white cotton paper is ideal to combine with colored satin or silk ribbons. The effect is truly unique, precious and classy, ​​ideal for those who leave nothing to chance and love beauty and details, perfect for a chic and stylish wedding.

2.  Letterpress

Wedding invitations in letterpress are literally wonderful! They are a triumph of colors and above all pleasant to the touch, thanks to the relief that gives the paper: almost a three-dimensional shape. Wonderful written in rose gold … elegance, charm and romanticism made on paper!

3. Modern designs and geometric graphics

Fresh, modern and alternative: the designs and geometric graphics are increasingly appreciated and suitable for couples who choose to follow a minimal and modern style for their wedding.

4. Romantic watercolors: views of the location or of the church

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For the most romantic: watercolor paintings and drawings. Flowers, simple brushstrokes in soft or pastel colors. Sketches of landscapes of the church or of the location chosen to give guests a small preview of what the event will be like. A touch of color, classy and elegant.

5. Particular materials

For those who decide to dare, but remain elegant and classy: transparent wedding invitations. On glass, crystal or simple plexiglass: something that leaves everyone speechless and curious!

6. Wax sealing

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It will never go out of fashion: personalized wedding invitations with the sealing wax closure with the initials of the spouses. Simple and romantic.

The first step in elegance, in the luxury world, in beauty … is the same first step that will lead your guests to live an exclusive experience, to enter your personal world, that of your wedding. To induce in them the wonder and amazement from the first moment, choose chic, refined and personalized invitations, choose precious details to make them even more beautiful!

The graphic accessories and the mood you will have chosen for the invites, will be the same one that will personalize the rest of the paper kit: save-the-date, menu, mass booklets, tableau mariage, place card, photobooth …

Each graphic kit is unique, personalized, exclusive and tailor made, it will have to tell about you, your passions, your love story and will follow the same style and the same mood of the whole wedding.

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