Following the Covid-19 pandemic, all weddings scheduled for this summer months have been postponed to a date to be defined. Many have chosen to postpone their wedding for a few months and celebrate them, therefore, in autumn-winter, but most couples have chosen, instead, to celebrate in the summer of 2021, with more serenity.


So what will the wedding trends of 2021 be?

Among the many, that of sustainability, the elegance of simplicity, small personalized details and nature. A celebration, in fact, of the little things that we often lose sight of and that with the health emergency we have discovered to be the most important and true. Therefore, if you too have chosen to organize or postpone your wedding to 2021, remember to prefer quality over quantity.

• Natural Chic

Starting from the choice of location. Prefer a location with a large outdoor space: a garden, a park, a terrace overlooking the lake or the sea. This, in fact, will give you the opportunity to celebrate your wedding by enhancing nature, making it almost the protagonist of the event. Colors, flowers, scents of the surrounding environment will be in perfect harmony with the style chosen for the setting. Natural chic, precious details, but always with an eye to the beauty that surrounds the location. The color palette will follow the tones of the landscape, creating a unique, classy and romantic atmosphere.

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Furthermore, the perfect location in line with the style of your wedding must have some basic requirements that depend on the number of guests you intend to invite and the wedding season. It must be close to the place where the civil, religious or symbolic ceremony will take place and must have a first external or internal space to welcome guests with a welcome cocktail.

It must then have many outdoor spaces to dedicate to specific and important moments of the day: the appetizer, the reception, the cutting of the cake, the dances. At every moment its special space, set up with care, made magical and unforgettable.

The garden of an ancient villa, a terrace overlooking the lake or the sea, a centuries-old park are all perfect settings for a luxury wedding, in the name of nature, of simplicity made perfect by some personalized and unique features.

• Wedding Weekend

One of the 2021 trends is the Wedding Weekend to celebrate big, marriage and rebirth after the pandemic. A unique and unforgettable event for those who feel the need to spend time with their loved ones and friends. A wonderful experience: spending an entire weekend in a location, welcoming your guests with a simple pre-wedding dinner based on pizza or grilled meat by the pool and greeting them, after the wedding, with a light brunch. Your guests will spend a weekend of relaxation, interesting activities and great celebrations: they will certainly never forget your wedding!

• Wedding at the beach

Beach weddings remain a trend in 2021 as well. The refined marine setting of Capri, Ischia or the most chic seaside resorts of our peninsula are the perfect setting for dream weddings. The nuances can only recall the shades of the sea and the sand, favoring light colors to be skilfully mixed with the various shades of blue. Few flowers and simple to recall the colors of the Mediterranean scrub, many candles, lanterns, lights set up in the starry sky for a magical and romantic atmosphere with a view of the sea.

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• Minimal Wedding, contemporary style

Of all the 2021 wedding trends, this is the most contemporary. A modern style in which every moment of the wedding must be designed with a sophisticated, clean and elegant allure. In this case, the most suitable shades are pastel shades. The decorative elements, such as flowers, become innovative, with compositions that know how to amaze with strong, modern, geometric lines. For displays, the best material is glass. The most used fabrics are smooth, white and natural like linen or cotton. The traditional banquet develops into innovative ideas such as brunch, happy hour or cocktail bar.