“Welcome back to Italy” is the movement of wedding planners who want to send a message of positivity and great enthusiasm.

An invitation to future spouses who want to celebrate their wedding in our wonderful country and an invitation, to ourselves, wedding planners not to break down, to remain united and strong, to think that it will start off again and it will be even more exciting.

We who have never stopped and who, despite everything, have continued to create, study, draw and plan unforgettable days, thinking about the future with optimism.

We are present, we are there for you and we are ready to “take off” again. This is the message launched, this is the strength and determination of the movement. The desire to celebrate will be double, the love even stronger and the desire to embrace and rejoice will enchant the evenings of Italy, in our beautiful country, full of beauties to discover and admire.

We will soon be back to realize your dreams, to make you live carefree days full of love, light and magic. The enthusiasm will soon return and the fear will go away and it will be then that in addition to love we will also celebrate a victory. And we are ready to make this really happen!

In the meantime we have invented ourselves, taken care of our suppliers and customers, reorganizing ourselves and above all forging even more our art and our organizational skills.

We postponed commitments, appointments, held projects in the name of public health, but with the promise to return. And promises, like those of love, are always kept!

Fundamental in a moment of crisis and emergency was the fact of teaming up and so from North to South the Italian wedding planners decided for the first time to join and give life to a movement with the aim of sending a clear and strong message of presence, resilience, positivity and love for their spouses and our country.

And since love always wins, we are here for you and always be! For Italy and for you, future spouses, who love beauty and love.