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The choice of the groom’s suit, just like the one of the bride, wants its part and, above all, the right attention.

In fact, in addition to the style, the model and the taste, you must consider the rules of etiquette. The groom suit represents an important choice for the wedding day and, in which the style of the ceremony, the moment of the day in which it takes place, the character and personality of the groom will have a great influence. It is therefore important that you, groom-to-be, choose your suit with criteria and attention to detail. The ideal dress is the one that has the right balance between tradition, fashion and comfort. Exactly like the bride, in fact, even the groom will have to feel at ease in the chosen suit, enhance his own body and feel beautiful and self-confident.

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Furthermore, the groom’s suit should be chosen according to the style of the bride’s dress and the mood you decide to give to your luxury wedding, carefully observing the rules of etiquette that impose a very precise aesthetic code! The groom’s outfit is certainly much simpler than the bride’s dress, but this does not mean that it is less important. What kind of suit should the groom wear? It depends on many factors. The fundamental advice, according to the etiquette, is however to respect the formality of the wedding ceremony.

A daytime event, for example, requires you to wear a tight or half-tight suit, while an evening ceremony requires the use of a tailcoat. Today, however, we choose more and more frequently, the elegant three-piece suit for the day and the tuxedo for the evening.

Here is a list of suggestions, to be perfect on the wedding day, impeccable for your luxury wedding.


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Perfect for a formal ceremony, in the morning and until 18.00. If the bridegroom wears a tight suit then the fathers and brothers of the groom and the witnesses will have to wear it. The classic tight consists of a jacket in cool gray or black wool. It is widely used. The pants have gray and black stripes. The short tight includes the double-breasted waistcoat in light cloth. The shirt has double cuffs and a stiff neck. To complete the look of the groom: black or anthracite socks, in cotton, scotland or silk at the knee, and shoes strictly lace-up in black leather.


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Even the half tight can be worn only for ceremonies that take place before 6pm, but with a less formal style. The half tight is always an impeccable ceremonial dress with its jacket with no “tails” and shorter than the classic tight. The trousers will always be striped and the waistcoat in a contrasting shade (pearl gray). Also, you can choose whether to wear a draped silk plastron or a simple tie with your t-shirt. Shoes should always be black and lace-up.


A very elegant and important dress to wear exclusively in the evening and, recently, it is no longer so coveted by men. However, it can be worn for weddings, but only if these are really up to such an exclusive dress. It is suitable for regal, unique weddings, in rather prestigious and luxury contexts.  The charm of this precious masculine dress strictly black consists in the cut and especially in the line of the jacket. The latter short in front and long behind, perfectly shapes the male silhouette and favors the body. The trousers are always black and without any flap at the bottom, add a white shirt and cufflinks and a single-breasted waistcoata and you will bring your outfit to another level of elegance.


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It is not a groom’s suit and is not allowed by etiquette, it is more suitable for a social event, but today many decide to wear it (in the evening) for their wedding day, as well. For those who decide to wear a tuxedo on their wedding day, the advice is to do it only if the wedding is a civil ceremony and in a location with a very luxurious mood and style, perhaps in a luxury hotel in the heart of the metropolis.


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It is worn exclusively in winter and preferably in the smoky London shade, no other shade of gray turns out to be so elegant. It is ideal for a formal wedding and can be worn with extreme elegance. A must is the white shirt with cufflinks, a sober tie with small geometric patterns in shades of dark and light gray. The single-breasted jacket with one or two buttons and on the pocket a cotton handkerchief, perhaps personalized with the groom’s initials. You can also opt for a double-breasted jacket, but only if the body allows it: wide shoulders and a narrow waist.


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Blue: for those who get married in the summer. The classic blue dress suggests the single-breasted jacket, without slits, the cuffless trousers at the bottom and the white shirt with cuff links. In summer you can use a tie with a brighter and more brilliant color like intense light blue or ultramarine blue with contrasting micro patterns or with white mariner lines. A modest design or a pale color is allowed for the tie, while the clutch in the breast pocket must be in white linen.

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The details not to be overlooked:

– The shirt

It is essential to choose a classic cut. The shirt must be combined with a tie (or a bow tie) strictly in silk.

– The Vest

The vest, also called the waistcoat, will be an essential detail. In fact, the three-piece suit with tailored vest can be customized in various ways: more or less formal based on the number of buttons and the type of fabric.

– Colors

Blue is the most common option when it comes to weddings, especially in shades of midnight blue and cobalt blue. A versatile color, capable of enhancing every type of complexion and constitution, a fascinating color, which gives the right dose of seriousness and elegance.

A classic gray suit is a good option that draws inspiration from the most rigorous tight and half tight. A gray suit, especially in anthracite gray, is the second best option, after blue, for formal weddings.

The light gray, on the other hand, and its shades in light fabrics is perfect for more casual and less formal weddings.

Black is an exclusive and formal color at the same time, but due to its association with tuxedos it may not be entirely appropriate for a traditional wedding. Etiquette advises against it.

The most important advice: be consistent with your personality! Choose a suit that enhances your image, that puts you at ease, that excites you … if it does all this, then it is the perfect groom suit!

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