Every wedding, every love story, every couple is different and different, but always constant, is the enthusiasm I have every time I think about the details I want to realize.

It is an always-different adventure when I meet a new couple and their dream…

I met Yoka and Vincenzo at the end of January; they had clear ideas since then: Puglia, in June. We started to talk about their dream wedding and, in the meanwhile, I was already thinking about everything and imagining their wedding. In only three months, from Milan, I contacted the best suppliers in Puglia, whit whom I established strong relationship in the past years, and I started to create, to personalize every detail of their summery wedding.

As every wedding, even in this occasion I had everything in my mind. I wanted to keep uncontaminated the natural beauty of such a lovely region, keep the venue chosen, Masseria di Borgo Mortella, as a perfect scenery for a dreamy wedding, where nature shows off its fascine, embellished with amazing details, where traditions meet the elegance of a luxury wedding.

Elegance was the “main word” even for the night before the wedding. The newly weds wanted to organize a welcoming dinner for a few guests. In the marvelous garden of Tenuta Monacelli, surrounded by olive trees, flowers and greenery, I set up a beautiful “white party”. Clear, elegant details, warm lights lighted up the night before the “big day” and, in a moment, the special day arrived…

A couple of days before the wedding, we had to put a tent (rain was forecasted) which has proved to be an additional detail: a wonderful window on the beauty of Puglia. Under the transparent tent, two long imperial tables and the newlywed’s table where set up with majestic illuminated trees, beautiful flowers and little candles: everything created a romantic and magic atmosphere.

What really made the different of this wedding where the attention dedicated to the guests: starting from the cart in front of the church, which gave out refreshing drinks after the ceremony.

The customized surprises for the guests where attending them when the magic of the dining tables has proved to be. For every guest, in fact, next to the mise en place, we put a little oil bottle, the place marks where handmade realized: the name of every guest was hand written on a real green leaf and pure silk ribbons where around the napkins. Every single details was special; I wanted everything perfect.


Once the guest arrived, after the ceremony, in the principal court of the Masseria, a beautiful aperitif was prepared with wooden white carts: a real explosion of colors, freshness, and typical Puglia’s treats

Later on, the magic atmosphere of the dinner: beautiful natural wooden tables, candles, flowers, greenery, tall trees as centerpieces, gave me the possibility of surprise everyone, by creating a unique scenery.

I believe that searching for beauty, personalizing everything I do, is my strong suit. The attention to details, to particulars, to luxury, to elegance and originality made Yoka and Vincenzo’s luxury wedding unique.

In Puglia I founded the perfect harmony between traditions and modernity, nature and luxury.

After the dinner, the wedding cake illuminated by fireworks opened the party, together with a corner dedicated to rum tastings and Cuban cigars. Mexican mariachi, Brazilian dancers and typical south Italian music (“pizzica salentina”). Guests where dancing with newlyweds, singing and having fun all night long!

Masseria di Borgo Mortella, was the perfect spot for this fairytale wedding. There where the passion for nature and the beauty of simple and real things is always stimulating, where a luxury wedding can become a memory impossible to forget for everyone.

A triumph of elegance and fun, a combination of different traditions and cultures; a unique and special wedding!