The irresistible atmosphere of winter, the heat, the burning flame of a fireplace, the blue sky covered with snow, the glint of yellow lights, scents and intimacy. Perhaps, even more than summer, winter is the season of love, of being together, of sharing, of sweetness and of original, unique and exclusive weddings.

Winter weddings have a charm all their own, they have an irresistible magical atmosphere and an even more intense light than summer ones. In addition to practicality in not having to think of a hypothetical “plan b” (as in the case of summer weddings), the colors, the lights, the decorations can be wonderful and elegant.

You can indulge yourself, looking among the many ideas, the way to make a “gray” and typically winter day warm, welcoming and unforgettable.

Starting with the colors, a winter wedding can have different shades: red and shades of green, blue, silver and white. Gold or soft colors. Burgundy, powder, rose gold, ivory.

Light blue, gray, silver, white and a delicate touch of powder pink to warm everything.

The set-ups will follow these colors based on the atmosphere you prefer to communicate, the flowers, the decorations, the lights will communicate joy, harmony and warmth, will make your guests experience a different day, a wedding different from the usual ones, bringing them to another dimension, making them rediscover the magic of winter.


The ideal location for a winter wedding is certainly a luxurious villa surrounded by a romantic winter garden or an elegant mountain cottage.

Crystal chandeliers, an antique fireplace lit and decorated in Christmas style, important frescoes, wood, plays of light and shadows; from the large windows, you can see the snow falling and an immediate sensation of warmth, conviviality and intimacy.

Even the winter menu lends itself well to the occasion: the joy of being at the table on a cold day is in fact priceless! What other better way to welcome your guests with hot, fragrant and elaborate dishes? Associations of tastes, traditional recipes, typically seasonal flavors, combined with good wine and the happiness of being together on your most important day and toasting with you. Recreating the atmosphere of a big family in winter is even more beautiful!

You can then choose to delight your guests with the usual midnight snacks, after fun dances, offering them hot chocolates, mulled wine and mouth-watering sweets. For the coldest, you can think of paying homage to them with cashmere scarves, shawls and blankets in wool or plaid … they will feel loved and spoiled and it will be a splendid and radiant winter day for them, just like for you!


Winter weddings are surreal, poetic, silent and evocative. Created by delicate lights that warm the environment, candles, warm fabrics, colors and small details make the difference… The magic of winter, the aromas, the flavors and its unique sensations to create alchemy among the guests, intimacy and warmth.

And it is precisely the atmosphere that you will be able to create that will make it special, intense, charming, intimate and different from all the other marriages in which you will have participated, in a word: magical. No less interesting is the possibility of choosing flowers that are different from those seen throughout the summer.

Delicate, poetic, dreamy and beautiful flowers; tulips, buttercups, orchids, hyacinths, calla lilies, cotton flowers that recall the snow. Green leaves of ivy eucalyptus, dry twigs and winter plants. Lights on: candles everywhere, of various sizes and in glass vases, to give a magical and warm atmosphere to the whole ceremony, to create an intimate and enveloping light. Then lanterns, lights, glittering and chic to make everything even more romantic and irresistible!


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So all you have to do is start thinking about the magic and warmth of your “cold” winter wedding!