If you love coldness, snow, mountains, or beautiful halls of elegant Villas, art and history, you can choose to celebrate your wedding in winter (from November to February) and to create an exclusive and original luxury event!

Everything must begin from making beautiful and warm those cold still and grey typical wintery days, by taking advantage of the magic natural details that this season offers and decorate them with style.

In fact, this period of the year can give you a natural and magic atmosphere because of its evocative characteristics such as the snow, romantic and amazing skylines, and the warm color of the fire in antique fireplaces, soft lights of precious chandeliers of many beautiful historical Villas.

In order to create a luxury and unforgettable event it is important to match nature, with its magic, to precious and elegant details. Refined candles and candelabras, white woolen and cashmere dresses, embroidery, amazing flowers, crystal important glasses, elegant lanterns and crystal vases to create suffused luminosity, tablecloths made of prestigious texture such as velvet, precious details and golden particulars, ceramic and warm colors to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

The venue must be perfect and follow the entire mood of the wedding in order to create a fairy and elegant event, without forgetting style, design, class and luxury.

The most exclusive locations suitable to these kinds of weddings and celebrations are, for example, luxury resort in the mountains or antiques castles, prestigious halls of important palaces and luxurious villas, historical residences and aristocratic villas. Many of these, in fact, provide beautiful internal places where art meets history and create suggestive spots where to organize luxury weddings in style and unforgettable.

1. Palazzo Visconti, Milano.

An aristocratic villa, rich in history and art, which became an exclusive location for elegant and luxury weddings thanks to its four amazing halls.

(ph. Credit: matrimonio.com)

2. Palazzo Serbelloni, Milano

Palazzo Serbelloni provides, in a marvelous historical atmosphere, a unique and emotional setting. A place rich of personality, which enchant the guests because of its elegance.

3. Palazzo Bovara, Milano

In total neoclassic style, an elegant external facade, beautiful statues, ornamental vases, and a big picturesque and scenic garden characterize it.

4. Villa Borromeo D’Adda, Cassano D’Adda (Milano)

Villa Borromeo D’Adda it is one of the most prestigious and important eighteenth century mansions, which became, today, one of the most famous and suggestive luxury location.

(ph. Credit: matrimonio.com)

(ph. Credit: villaborromeo.it)

4. Cristallo Resort & spa, Cortina d’Ampezzo

A luxury resort in the beautiful landscape of the Dolomites. The magic of the snow-capped peaks and the elegance of the internal spaces makes it the perfect location where to marry in the winter.

(ph. Credit: photographertuscany.com)